Tuberous Breast Surgery in San Diego

What is Tuberous Breast?

Tuberous Breasts also known as tubular breast, constricted breast or herniated breast tissue into the areola; is a common breast deformity that presents with different degrees of constriction. Tubular breast can affect one or both breast. In many instanced both breast are affected with variable degrees.

Tuberous breast have both physical and psychological effects on the patients. Additionally, It affects breast cosmetic look, there is a balance issue and can affect self perception. Tuberous breast can lead to psychosexual problems especially in teenagers.

What are the types of tuberous breast?

In general tuberous breast deformity is divided into three types and is based on the degree of breast constriction.

Type 1: is the mild form of the deformity and there is constriction of the lower part and medial part of the breast.


Type 2: In addition to the above there is poor development of the breast and some breast herniation into the areola.


Type 3: Is the sever form with significant breast tissue herniation and very large areola.


What causes tuberous breast?

In general there is no definition genetic predisposition for the deformity. However, the condition is manifested at puberty when the breasts starts to develop and grow.

What is the treatment of tuberous breast?

Surgery is the main treatment of tuberous breast. The type of surgery, however, will depend on the nature of the deformity. The condition can affect one breast or both breast with variable degrees. The treatment can be simple lift of the breast. Scoring or excision of the herniated breast tissue, to expand the breast. Other treatment methods include tissue expansion, breast augmentation with implants and breast lift.

Breast augmentation of tuberous breast is,therefore, a common treatment and it will require adjustment of the inferior breast fold to a lower position to allow proper implant placement and symmetry. Both saline and silicone implants can be used for this procedure. Breast lift and areolar reduction may be required. Dr. Jaibaji will discuss with you the surgical treatment.

Question: Does the insurance cover breast deformity correcting and the treatment of tuberous breast?
It depends on the insurance criteria. In severe deformities the insurance will consider coverage and allow breast reconstruction. It is essential that your plastic surgeon submit the information to the insurance company. Photographs may be required for the authorization process.


Recovery from tuberous breast surgery?

After the surgery you will be transported to a recovery room. A nurse will be with at all time. Your vital signs will be monitored and once you recover from the anesthetic you will be discharged home. A relative or a friend can be with you in the recovery room and will be your ride. The dressing on your chest should not be disturbed. Dr. Jaibaji will see you the next day and change the dressing.

You will be able to shower the next day. The pain is controlled with pain pills. Dr. Jaibaji will advise you on driving. Your return to work will depend on the nature of your job and extent of surgery. Most patient will be able to resume office work after 5-7 days.



Since Dr. Jaibaji has considerable experience with using breast implants to improve the appearance of Tuberous Breasts for patients, many women from around the country choose to fly to San Diego to obtain his services. If you are not from the San Diego area, please visit Out Of Town Patients to learn more about our out-of-town accommodations and scheduling information.

Patient Case Study

Gender: Female
Months Post-Op: 6
Breast Surgery San Diego

Implant Placement: Sub muscular, Incision Site: Periareolar.
Pre-Op Cup Size: A,  Post-Op Cup Size: C.
Implant Type: Allergen Natrelle Saline Implant. Implant Profile: High Profile
Implant Shape: Rounded, Implant Surface: Smooth.

This patient from Orange county, has Grade 2  tuberous breast. The inferior pole of the breast was constricted. There was mild herniation of the breast tissue behind the areola. She underwent augmentation with saline implants. The inferior pole of the breast was scored and lowered. The implants were placed under the muscle. The procedure was performed by Dr. Jaibaji, MD. Breast implant, correction of tubular breast, breast asymmetry, areolar incision.

Patient Case Study

Age: 20, Height: 5′ 1″, Weight: 180 lbs

Procedure Type: Tuberous Breast.
Implant Placement: Sub muscular. Incision Site: Periareolar
Pre-Op Cup Size: C, Post-Op Cup Size: DD
Implant Type: Saline Implant, Implant Profile: High Profile, Implant Shape: Rounded
Implant Surface: Smooth
Left Implant Size: 600 cc, Right Implant Size: 570 cc.

This patient had breast asymmetry and marked constriction of the inferior pole of the right breast. There is also herniation of the breast tissue into the nipple areola complex. She underwent breast augmentation with saline implants. The implants were placed under the muscle. The breast tissue behind the right areola was scored to allow for expansion of the breast and the infra mammary fold was lowered to achieve more symmetry.