At Jaibaji Plastic Surgery, we do not offer free or complementary consultations. A $100 consultation fee is charged for every new consult. This fee includes one follow up visit, and will also be applied toward your surgery, if you elect to have us perform your services.

Your primary consultation will last for about one hour and will include:

  • An evaluation by the Doctor of your concerns, desires and hopes.
  • A review of your medical history.
  • An examination of your area of concern.
  • The formulation of a treatment plan.
  • A discussion of your potential risks, problems and complications.
  • A conversation on how your anesthesia and surgery will be conducted.
  • An outline of your anticipated post operative plan.

To make the most of your consultation,  we recommend you bring photos of what you want your outcome to look like. Some patients also find it helpful to write their questions down before the consultation so that they do not forget to ask!

After your consultation with the Dr. Jaibaji, you will receive a package of information about your surgery and about our practice.

We will also discuss with you the cost of your procedure, scheduling and  financial arrangements, and any pre-operative testing (if required).

Our knowledgeable surgeon and friendly staff members want to make your cosmetic dreams a reality through our amazing face, breast, body, and skin treatments.

Contact our practice today to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of San Diego’s leading surgeons, Dr. Moneer Jaibaji.