Which breast implant will give me the most natural look?

This is a common question during breast augmentation consultation. There is really no straightforward answer to that question and each case must be addressed differently.

Before answering it more information is required about the desired appearance from the patient. Examination will yield information on the size of the implant the breast can accommodate. It is advantageous to the patient to bring photos of what she desires.

Implants are divided into two types; Saline and Silicone. Both types have a silicone shell, but the silicone implant are filled with form stable silicone. The shell can be smooth or textured. Implants are further classified into round and shaped (tear drop). They come in different profiles from a moderate profile to ultrahigh profile. Each type and shape of implants have different application and will give different look.

Having breast implants can be a costly procedure. Therefore, getting the right size and shape implants is important to avoid after surgery disappointment.

To get back to the original question of “which implant will give me the most natural results”will depend on several factors;

1- Desired look by the patient.

2- Shape and size of the breast.

3- Patient preference of implant type and shape.

4- Location of the implant above or below the pectoralis muscle.

5- The need for breast lift at the time of augmentation.

6- The need for additional procedure such as liposuction of the axilla, or tummy tuck to create a more harmonious body contour.

7- The surgeon and the patient perception of natural look.

Detailed history and examination are essential to determine the right procedure. For more information you can contact our office at 619 522 0821. Dr. Jaibaji is double board certified plastic surgeon.