5 Things to Consider Before Your Boob Job

1- Search for your plastic surgeon

There are several ways where you can find a board certified plastic surgeon. Asking a friend or relative is a good start. Another way is to check the American Society of Plastic Surgery Website for a local plastic surgeon. Once you found one or two, you can check their websites for before and after photos. More..

2- Gather photos of what you like and what you don’t like.

A Picture is worth a thousand words. Showing your plastic surgeon what you desire in photos will help your plastic surgeon determine the size and shape of implant that will fit you. It also helps a lot if you show pictures of results that you don’t like. Your plastic surgeon will be help you find the right implant for you.

3- Decide if you want saline or silicone implants

Silicone implants are safe, but some patients still prefer saline implants. During your consultation with a plastic surgeon, the type of implants will be discussed at length. You should be able to see samples of both.

4- Bra size vs implant size.

Many patient will request certain bra size for the their breast enhancement surgery. The reality is there is a poor correlation between implant size and cup size. The reason for that is that bra manufactures have designed several lines of bras with different shapes and padding making it difficult to have one bra fits all. Also, you have to look at the implant as a filler to the breast. The way you want your breast to look is further enhanced by the bra you choose.

5- Ask about the recovery process and how to reduce capsular contracture.

A good advise for patients is to pencil their questions before going to the consultation. One thing you definitely want to ask your surgeon about is the recovery process, the follow up visits, and the do’s and dont’s during that time. A well informed patient will prevent any complication and will make the recovery process uneventful. Read more…

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