Tips for Breast Reduction in San Diego

If you are having shoulder, beck and neck pain due to large breast or find it difficult to find the bras that fit you then a breast reduction surgery is your answer and Dr. Jaibaji is your surgeon.

Recently celebrities like Amber Rose and Stassi Schroeder publicly shared their experience with breast reduction surgery. They clearly showed the importance of breast reduction surgery when the breasts starts to affect your health and the scars after the surgery.

Here are some tips about breast reduction surgery

1- Breast reduction removes excess amount of breast tissue that is causing symptoms.

If you are having shoulder, neck or back pain and is related to large breasts then breast reduction surgery will help eliminate or reduce your pain.

2- Breast reduction is usually covered by insurance.

Most insurance companies will cover breast reduction surgery provided it is an added benefit to your policy. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate your symptoms and submit a request for authorization.

If your insurance does not cover the surgery then breast reduction cost is $10,000-$12,000. The price includes the cost of facility and anesthesia.

3- Breast reduction surgery involves lifting the nipple.

Many women ask the about the difference between breast reduction and breast lift. The difference is in the amount of breast tissue removed. Breast lift is usually performed for cosmetic reasons and involves removing minimal amount of breast tissue. Also, breast lift is not done for patients with neck and back pain.

4- Will the breast reduction surgery help eliminate the rash under the breasts?

Definitely. If you are having recurrent heat rash under both breast then breast reduction will help you.

5- Can I have another procedure with breast reduction?

Yes, provided that you are in good health and non smoker you can have another procedure with the reduction surgery. Many women will elect to have liposuction and tummy tuck. Keep in mind that the more procedures you have the longer the recovery period.

6- Will I be able to breast feed after breast reduction and will it affect the nipple sensation?

Generally speaking most patients will be able to breast feed after breast reduction. Nipple sensation is usually unchanged. Your plastic surgeon will be the best person you advise you on these questions.

7- How is the recovery from breast reduction?

It is straightforward. drains are not usually inserted. Pain is controlled with oral pain killers. The surgery is usually performed at an accredited outpatient facility. The patient can shower the next day and allowed to resume regular daily activities after few days. Exercise is usually resumed after 4-6 weeks.


If you want to see before after photos of breast reduction you can visit our website. If you are interested in breast reduction you can contact our office to get a consultation with Dr. Jaibaji.