Tips for breast implant revision in San Diego

If you already have breast implants and considering revising your breast surgery, in San Diego, here are few thing to consider;

1- Reasons for breast implant revision:

a- If you develop hardening of the implant, also known as capsular contracture. The breast usually becomes misshaped and in advanced cases the breast will be very pailful.

b- If the implants are ruptured or, in case of saline implants, deflated. Unfortunately there is no answer to these problems short of having revision surgery to restore the shape of the breast.

c- If you are not happy with size of the implant or the type of the implants. Some women consider going smaller after trying a larger implants, others prefer to go with a bigger implant. Also, switching from saline to silicone is another reason for revision surgery.

d- Other implant problems such as rippling, malposition , symmastia(uniboob) or change in breast shape following pregnancy or time.

2- Who should do the revision of breast implant.

It is recommended that you find a board certified plastic surgeon for your revision surgery. You can search for a plastic surgery from the American Society of Plastic Surgery website or ask a friend or even your primary care physician for a local plastic surgeon with breast revision experience.

3- How much does it cost to have breast revision surgery?

Generally, speaking, price will vary and is based on geographic location and surgeon’s experience and the type of surgery needed.

Your plastic surgeon will have to see you in person to determine exactly what you hopes and desires from the surgery and then can determine the cost.

Dr. Jaibaji, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, will assist you in determine the right procedure for you. You can contact the San Diego office at 619 522