Breast augmentation with fat transfer San Diego

Fat has been used extensively in the face for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes. It also used in the buttocks. For the buttocks high volume fat transfer is required. However, In the past several years breast augmentation with fat transfer became an established technique. Fat for the the breast is, therefore used for cosmetic breast enhancement and for reconstructive purposes. The cost of fat transfer to breast is also addressed.

The main indications for breast fat transfer are:

1- As an alternative to implant augmentation. Hence, fat transfer is the your option if you are concerned about the implants or want to have augmentation with no implants.

2- Exchange of implants with fat. Therefore, if silicone or saline is not for you consider fat graft.

3- To correct contour irregularities of the breast following lumpectomy or after breast irradiation.

4- Thin skin and visible rippling following breast augmentation.

5- Fat is used as an adjunct to breast augmentation a procedure also known as composite breast augmentation.

Therefore, You can contact Dr. Jaibaji for an in person consultation If you are considering fat transfer to the breast.

The cost of fat transfer breast augmentation will depend on the amount of fat transferred and if additional procedures are required. Non the less, the procedure cost starts at $9000. Payment plans are available with Care Credit

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