Breast Augmentation Cost San Diego

Breast Augmentation Cost San Diego

Breast augmentation is a procedure to enhance breast size and shape. It can be done by placing implants or with fat graft. The procedure is also called “breast aug” or “boob job”.

Breast augmentation cost, therefore, will depend on the type of breast enhancement. Fat graft breast enhancement will depend on the amount of fat transferred.

Factors that determine the price of breast augmentation:

1- Fat graft vs implant enhancement.

2- Type of implant, Saline vs Silicone. Shaped implant vs Round implant.

3- The need for breast lift and the type of lift and breast lift cost.

4- Geographic location and surgeons experience.

5- Other procedures performed with augmentation such as liposuction or nose job.

6 – Hospital and anesthesia fees.

7 – Breast implants (saline and silicone) fees vary.

Breast lift and augmentation cost is higher and the price will depend on the type of lift.

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