Why Male Patients Choose Dr. Jaibaji for Plastic Surgery

Male Plastic Surgery in Coronado

Most people associate plastic surgery with women, but that underestimates the number of men who seek cosmetic procedures in the United States. Trends are shifting, with men continuing to be a growing patient population for plastic surgeons. In Coronado and La Jolla, men who are interested in making cosmetic improvements know to seek care from Dr. Moneer Jaibaji. Here is why he has such a strong reputation among male patients:

Recognizing the Traits That Make Men More Handsome

Beauty standards differ drastically between men and women. Whereas most women prefer softer features, most men feel more attractive when their masculinity is enhanced. These preferences must be considered when any cosmetic treatment is administered, and Dr. Jaibaji has a nuanced understanding of these factors.

Overall, men are less concerned about wrinkles than women since they can make a male face look more mature and dignified. Instead, they prefer a nose that complements their proportions and achieving a straight, sharp jawline. When it comes to the male body, most men would rather have “toned” features than an overly slender body. While men do want to remove excess fat and skin from their midsections, they want to avoid the “curvy” proportions that many women strive for.

Knowledge of Anatomical Differences

The difference between male and female patients goes deeper than beauty standards – a great plastic surgeon should also understand the anatomical differences.

Most men lose hair as they age, which means their hairline recedes. Since many facial surgeries involve hiding the incisions along the hairline, this is not a reliable way to conceal scars for men, so Dr. Jaibaji utilizes other approaches.

Men have significantly thicker skin than women thanks to testosterone, so Dr. Jaibaji also modifies the way he makes incisions to avoid excess swelling. The good news is that because men also have more blood vessels in their face, they tend to recover more quickly than women.

Experience with Male Patients

Arguably the most important factor of all is experience performing surgery on male patients. While many plastic surgeons know anatomical differences between men and women, far fewer actually see male patients with any regularity. It’s no surprise when a doctor who mainly works with women gives their male patients slightly feminine traits since they are used to performing surgery in that manner.

Dr. Jaibaji is an experienced plastic surgeon who works with male patients in southern California. His photo gallery is reflective of the fact that he treats many male patients with procedures that include rhinoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, male breast reduction, and facelift.

See Why Male Patients Trust Dr. Jaibaji

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