What Can Fat Grafting Achieve for Your Face?

Fat Grafting in Coronado

One of the funny things about fat is that while people try to lose it around their belly and thighs, they want more of it in their face. Full, plump facial features are considered both youthful and attractive. With age, however, the same fat that gives your face shape disappears and droops, creating a gaunter appearance.

Fortunately, Dr. Moneer Jaibaji can help patients who want to rejuvenate their face with fat grafting. This is a procedure that borrows excess fat from other areas of the body and then reimplants it in the face where it will be better appreciated. Some of the areas that Dr. Jaibaji performs facial fat grafting include:


Round, voluminous cheeks are a signature of a young face, but the fat that pads this area may not last indefinitely. Over time, your body produces less collagen and elastin, which allows the fat to droop and static wrinkles to develop on your cheeks. By transferring fat cells to the cheeks, Dr. Jaibaji can restore the fuller, smoother contours you enjoyed many years earlier.


With age, the bones that provide support to your lips become weaker. The diminished support causes the lips to curl inward and appear smaller than they used to. While most people envision comically oversized lips when they think about cosmetic lip procedures, there are just as many patients who are simply trying to restore average-sized lips.

No matter what size you wish your lips to be, fat transfer can help with this goal. Although many patients like the ease of dermal filler injections, they are temporary and require periodic appointments to maintain. Fat transfer offers indefinite results, and Dr. Jaibaji can more easily mold the fat to create a precise shape that you may prefer.

Under the Eyes

Another area where volume loss is most obvious on the face is beneath the eyes. Fat loss contributes to sunken tear troughs (sometimes known as bags). To smooth out these undesired hollows, Dr. Jaibaji can mold fat cells for contours that appear more youthful. This procedure can also help you to look better rested.

Restore Volume to Your Face

Fat grafting is an exciting procedure that allows you to improve the contours of at least two areas of your body. By removing stubborn fat from your midsection and reimplanting it where you want it in your face, you can reverse common signs of aging. To learn more about fat transfer procedures and whether it is the right surgery for your cosmetic concerns, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaibaji by calling (619) 522-0821.