Mini Tummy Tuck Cost San Diego

What is Mini tummy tuck?

Mini tummy tuck procedure in San Diego is a form of abdominoplasty in which the excess skin in the lower stomach is removed through a small scar. Hence, a short scar is the main thing here.

Many variation of mini tummy tuck exist. Rectus repair and plication is usually not part of the surgery but can be done. Belly button reshaping is not part of it and can be done. However, Liposuction to the upper stomach and waist is , in many cases, added to mini tummy tuck.

Therefore, all the above additions to the mini tummy tuck will affect not only the cost of surgery, but also the final shape and recovery. The cost will reflect a lesserprocedure and is usually lower than standard tummy tuck. However, adding more procedure the cost will be higher.

Mini Tummy tuck recovery

Recovery from mini tummy tuck is usually shorter and many patients will experience less pain. The surgery usually last 1-2 hours. After surgery the patient is transferred to the recovery room where she will stay there for about one hour. A family member can be with the patient in the recovery room and will drive the patient home.

The patient will return to the office the next day to see Dr. Jaibaji. Instructions about showering, wound care, driving and return to work will be given.

Mini tummy tuck cost?

The procedure cost is $8500. The cost is higher if additional procedures, such as liposuction is performed. Financing available with Care Credit.

To inquire more about mini tummy tuck you can call our office at 619 522 0821 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jaibaji.

You can check our website for before and after photos.

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