How to Get Natural Results from Breast Surgery

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If you wish your breasts were a little higher or a little bigger but have hesitated to get cosmetic surgery because you are afraid your body might look unnatural, Dr. Moneer Jaibaji has good news: Just because you have breast lift and/or breast augmentation does not mean your breasts will appear artificial. In fact, Dr. Jaibaji, a renowned San Diego plastic surgeon, has a well-earned reputation for producing attractive, realistic-looking breasts.

What Makes Enhanced Breasts Look More Natural

You know that you want your breasts to look natural after having cosmetic breast surgery, but you may not know exactly what makes breasts look natural. Here, Dr. Jaibaji describes some traits of natural breasts:

  • A slight sloping effect
  • The lower portions are densest
  • Proportional to the frame of the body
  • Not overly elevated on the chest
  • Some space between the breasts, rather than exaggerated cleavage
  • Movement/jiggling in a normal fashion
  • Nipples on the area of the breast with the most projection

Fortunately, none of these characteristics need to be sacrificed with aesthetic breast surgery. Dr. Jaibaji can prioritize specific techniques that enlarge and/or lift the breasts without making them look overly enhanced.

With breast augmentation, you can choose modestly sized, silicone “gummy bear” implants to give your breasts a proportional look with a moderately sloping shape. Dr. Jaibaji can place the implants beneath the musculature so that it is not readily visible beneath the breast skin. With breast lift, Dr. Jaibaji can elevate the breasts to a youthful but still realistic elevation while also repositioning the nipples so that they point outward in a perky manner.

Choose a Top-Ranked Surgeon and Communicate Your Wishes

The best results are achieved by experienced breast specialists with advanced surgical techniques. While average plastic surgeons can perform a breast lift or augment your breasts, your results may lack the appeal and natural appearance you were hoping for. Great surgeons have an artistic eye and customize their approach to best achieve the patient’s wishes.

To that end, it is important that you communicate with your surgeon during the consultation phase. The more detail you provide about the differences you would like to see in your breasts, the easier it will be for your plastic surgeon to produce those results. If looking natural is important to you, voice that concern early. The same applies to women who prefer a somewhat unnatural or visibly enhanced look.

Dr. Jaibaji is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped his patients achieve beautiful, natural-looking breasts for over 15 years. Whether you are interested in breast augmentation or breast lift, please schedule a consultation today.