How Mommy Makeover Improves Your Body After Pregnancy

Mommy makeover in Coronado

Women experience many amazing changes when they become mothers, but few women are excited about the physical changes to their body. If you have not been able to restore your pre-pregnancy contours even after losing the baby weight, rest assured that you are not alone. Dr. Moneer Jaibaji offers mommy makeover, a customized plastic surgery plan that combines multiple procedures, to help make cosmetic changes to your post-pregnancy body. In this blog, he discusses some of the ways that pregnancy changes your body as well as the procedures that can make aesthetic improvements to these changes.

Flattening Your Tummy

Your belly expands as your baby grows, which stretches the skin around your abdomen and pushes your firm abdominal muscles out of position. In theory, your midsection should return to its normal size after your pregnancy (with some help from diet and exercise), but the skin that stretched may no longer snap back to its normal size, making your tummy appear thicker than it is. Furthermore, your abdominal muscles cannot reconnect on their own.

Body contouring surgeries can help. By removing some of the excess skin from the tummy and reattaching the abdominal muscles, Dr. Jaibaji can create a smooth, toned tummy with tummy tuck. Stubborn deposits of fat that have been resistant to a healthy lifestyle can be removed with liposuction.

Rejuvenating Your Breasts

Your breasts get larger throughout your pregnancy to prepare for nursing. After you are done breastfeeding, you can expect your breasts to shrink in size, but the skin that stretched over your larger breasts may not retract (in a manner similar to the skin around your stomach). The loose skin around your breasts exaggerates the droopiness, making your breasts appear prematurely old.

Mommy makeover plans typically include one or more breast procedures to address these changes. With breast lift, Dr. Jaibaji can elevate your breasts and shape the tissue so that they look less pendulous. He can also change the projection of the nipples for a more youthful appearance. With breast augmentation, Dr. Jaibaji can give your breasts a fuller, rounder shape that best complements your current frame.

Learn More About Mommy Makeover Options with Dr. Jaibaji

Of all the sacrifices associated with motherhood, giving up a body you love doesn’t have to be one of them. To restore your pre-pregnancy shape or simply achieve the body you have always hoped for, mommy makeover is the best cosmetic solution. Call Jaibaji Plastic Surgery at (619) 522-0821 to make an appointment.