Hand Rejuvenation San Diego


Are you concerned about the way your hand looks and thinking about hand rejuvenating it? the good news is there are several ways to improve the shape of the hand and make it look more youthful.

Cosmetic surgery for the hands can be divided into two types; the first is to do with skin pigmentation and discoloration. This usually improves with skin peels, laser or IPL (Intense pulse light) therapy.

The second type of had rejuvenation is to do with volume loss. Many women complain that their hands makes them look older with thin wrinkled skin and the veins are very prominent. The main reason for that is fat atrophy and skin thinning that happens with time and sun damage.

There are two ways to correct volume loss in the hand;

1- The use of Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane.

These injectables will fill the dermal and subnormal areas. They are done as an outpatient procedures and you can resume most of your normal activities right after the procedure. The down side is that their effect will last for 6- 12 months.

2- Plastic surgery on hands;

A more permanent way of of getting volume improvement in the hand is to do fat graft. Fat is removed from other parts of the body you don’t need and transferred to hands with a special needle. The procedure, depending on the amount of fat needed, usually requires some sort of sedation or anesthesia. Some of the fat will dissolve overtime, but the fat that remain will stay.

To determine what procedure is best for you and the hand filler cost; you can get a consultation with Moneer Jaibaji, MD., Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in San Diego, and Coronado. Arm lift is another major concern for many women. To read more about it click on this link Arm Lift.

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