4 Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Do you want to restore your breast size after weight loss, breastfeeding, or pregnancy? Perhaps you feel your breasts are naturally small and want to enlarge them. Or your breasts are asymmetrical, and you want to restore the symmetry. If you’ve answered yes to any of these situations, consider breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure done to enhance the breast’s shape, size, and fullness. If you feel your breasts make you feel unsexy or unattractive, a reshape or resize can help you achieve the desired looks to improve your esteem and confidence

Whether you go for saline implants or silicone implants, breast augmentation offers numerous psychological and lifestyle benefits. Here are four benefits of breast augmentation.

1. Improve Self Esteem and Confidence

Being dissatisfied with your breast appearance can affect your confidence and self-esteem. Lower self-esteem could make you feel uncomfortable attending social events or even dating. In fact, being unhappy with your breast appearance can affect all facets of your personal life.

A breast augmentation can help you feel more confident and comfortable in your body. This procedure helps you get the desired breast appearance boosting your confidence and self-esteem. With enhanced confidence, breast augmentation will improve your overall quality of life. You’ll no longer feel insecure about going out, interacting with people, or dating due to small or asymmetrical breasts.

2. Improve Breast Symmetry

Puberty, trauma, or hormonal changes can result in breasts not being equal in position, shape, or size. Apparent breast asymmetry can make one feel uncomfortable with their body, especially when wearing a bathing suit. Also, breast asymmetry makes finding a perfect fit bra and shopping for clothes difficult.

If you feel your breasts are uneven, breast augmentation can help. Through breast augmentation, you can get implants of different size and shape for your breasts to achieve symmetry. Thus, you’ll no longer feel self-conscious in public or when wearing a bathing suit. Also, shopping becomes more fun and less embarrassing as you’ll easily get a perfect fit for bras and clothes.

3. Reconstruct Breast After a Mastectomy

Breast cancer is among the most common cancer in the US. In 2022, the American Cancer Society estimates about 287,000 new breast cancer cases in women. Dealing with breast cancer can be traumatizing especially when mastectomy is the only treatment option. With breast being a symbol of feminine identity, mastectomy can result in loss of positive self-image and make one feel less attractive.

However, breast augmentation or reconstruction procedures can help restore breasts after a mastectomy. Saline or silicone breast implants are inserted underneath the skin to rebuild the size and shape of breasts. If you’ve undergone a mastectomy, breast augmentation can make you feel better about how you feel and improve your self-confidence.

4. Achieve Proportional Body

If you have small or relatively flat breasts, you may feel insecure not fitting into society’s beauty expectations. Also, small breasts may not provide the curves you’d want for your body. In some cases, women with smaller breasts can feel less feminine and wear pushup bras to enhance appearance.

Breast augmentation works great to add volume and curves to your breasts. If you opt for breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon will help you pick the right breast size to achieve the intended look. Also, since breast implants look very natural, people can hardly note the difference. Thus, you don’t have to worry about everyone you come across staring at your bosom.

If you envision a more attractive you with larger and perkier breasts, a breast augmentation surgery could help. Contact us at Jaibaji Plastic Surgery for face, breast, and body cosmetic procedures.