4 Ways Your Life Gets Better After Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction In San Diego

Plastic surgery is not always just about improving the aesthetics of your face and body. In fact, some surgeries can help to transform your life for the better. One of the best examples of this is breast reduction. Women who reduce the volume of their breasts rate their surgery especially high because of the ways it improves their quality of life. Below, plastic surgeon Dr. Moneer Jaibaji describes some of the most exciting benefits his breast reduction patients have enjoyed.

1. Diminished Pain and Discomfort

Oversized breasts are often the source of chronic pain in the back, shoulders, and/or neck. By removing the extra weight from the chest, you should find that some or all this discomfort vanishes.

Another irritation that big-busted women commonly experience is chafing on the underside of the breasts. Because of the skin-on-skin contact between the breasts and torso, a lot of sweat can get trapped and cause rashes. Once the breasts are downsized and lifted, this becomes less of a problem.

2. Clothing Options Expand

Buying clothes can be challenging when you have big breasts. Many mainstream clothing stores and brands do not even sell clothing that will fit a large-chested woman, especially if her breasts are disproportionately large in comparison to the size of her frame. Even when a top does fit, it may look overly sexy on you in a way that it would not on a woman with a smaller bust. Once your breasts are more proportional, expanding your wardrobe with clothes you love becomes a lot easier.

3. Fewer Stares

Oversized breasts can attract a lot of attention from strangers, even when covered by bulky clothing. If you are not looking for that kind of attention when you run errands, a breast reduction can help you to blend in.

4. Exercise Becomes Easier

Do you find that the size of your breasts has held you back from engaging in physical activities? Even while wearing a sports bra, playing sports and jogging can be uncomfortable because of all the movement. With smaller breasts, running and other forms of exercise should become easier — which can then help you to better achieve your fitness/weight goals.

Discuss Breast Reduction with a Top Surgeon

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