3 Ways to Choose The Best Breast Implant Size For You

If you are interested in breast enhancement with implants you may want to prepare yourself for the consultation and ask about your implant options. Here are several questions you should ask your surgeon during the consultation ; what is the shape, type, pocket location and the size of the implants.

Implants, none the less, still come in two types; saline and silicone. The demand for silicone implants have exceeded the saline ones despite the significant price difference. This is related to the much improved safety of silicone implants and the more natural feel.

In my practice I place the implants under the muscle for several reasons; There is less risk of capsular contracture, less risk of rippling and the breast tissue is easier to image with future mammography.

What is the best way to determine implant size?

1- The body Shape;

the size and shape of your breast and your body will determine how big of an implant you need. Therefore, Your height and weight and the size of your breast will have a say on what size implant you can have.

2- The desired look.

Many women when they come for a consultation have an idea of what size implant they want.Hence, It is a good habit to bring to your consultation photos of what you expect; it is equally important to show your surgeon photos you don’t like.

3- Implant sizing system.

Trying different sizes implants over the breast can give you rough idea on the implants size. None the less, it is not about the implant or cup size; its the implant what makes you look and feel good.

There are, however, other techniques that will help in making that decision such as Computer imaging but imaging has limitations when it comes to breast ptosis and breast asymmetry. Also the final shape of the breast may not always match the computer generated image.

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