3 Cosmetic Injections Ideal for Male Athletes

Male athletes work out to stay in shape and enjoy the sports they love, but some actions they take during their activity may lead to certain consequences. If you’re a male athlete who notices changes in your face and body, then you may want to consider cosmetic injections that will improve your look and still allow you to enjoy the sports you love.

The cosmetic procedures can improve comfort while you perform and reverse some of the aging signs that occur with various sports. Once you learn about the injections, you can consult with a plastic surgeon and move forward with your chosen options.

1. Armpit Botox Injections

If sweat is a major issue when you work out, then you may want to consider injections to reduce the amount of sweat your body produces. Direct Botox injections into your armpit will fill up the sweat glands and prevent excess sweat while you play various sports. The excess sweat can become a distraction and take away from your comfort level.

The Botox doesn’t actually block the sweat like a cork in a bottle. Instead, the Botox blocks the chemical signals from your armpits to produce sweat. So the sweat never actually forms in your armpit. Your armpits will remain relativity dry no matter how intense your workout is.

A doctor will pinpoint specific areas of the armpit and inject the Botox several times. Skin-based numbing cream will help reduce any pain you feel throughout the process. Like any form of Botox, the treatment wears off over time, but you can set up appointments every six to twelve months to have the treatment applied again.

2. Dysport Injections

After years of playing sports, you may notice you have more forehead lines than you would like. Forehead wrinkles could appear for a number of reasons. If you are often dehydrated, these wrinkles are more likely to occur. If you play outdoor activities, excessive squinting in the sunlight can create forehead wrinkles. A mix of both can make the wrinkles look even worse over time.

One method to help reduce the presence of forehead wrinkles is a Dysport injection. The injection is an alternative to Botox and will help fill the forehead to reduce the presence of wrinkles. Once the injection sets in, you will feel which movements can lead to more wrinkles and naturally adjust.

After the injection, improve hydration and wear sunglasses to reduce squints. Once the injection begins to wear away, you will have fewer factors contributing to the formation of new wrinkles. Extra treatments will keep the forehead smooth through all of your outdoor activities.

3. Frown Line Injections

Just below the forehead, you may notice the formation of wrinkles between the eyes known as frown lines. The frown lines could appear for the same reason as forehead lines, but they may also occur due to the intensity of the sport. For example, you may form a frown line when you clench your teeth and lift heavy weights.

Frown lines could occur as you push hard to ride a bike or during a back and forth game of basketball. Cosmetic surgeons can focus specifically on frown lines to reduce their prominence and provide you with a smooth frown line area.

Through the use of a mirror, you can recognize which facial movements cause deeper frown lines. A surgeon can help you make natural adjustments as well and reduce the number of lines that appear on your face. A doctor may offer multiple options for frown line injections. As you learn about each one, you can determine the pros, cons, and duration of the injection changes.

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