Ways to Improve the Symmetry of Your Breasts

Breast procedures in La Jolla

Do your breasts look like twins? Few women have breasts that look completely identical, but it is nice to have them look similar in shape and size. Not only does it improve your appearance, but it makes shopping for clothing (especially bras and swimsuits) much easier. If your breasts have some significant differences that are creating visible asymmetry, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moneer Jaibaji can correct these issues with a breast procedure.

Breast Augmentation

The most popular way to improve breast symmetry is with breast implants. With carefully selected implant sizes, Dr. Jaibaji can ensure that both breasts have a similar shape and size. If you choose this option, you do not need to dramatically change the size of your breasts. Smaller implants can fulfill the goal without significantly changing your proportions, unless of course you would like a more enhanced look.

Breast Reduction

If you have large, mismatched breasts, then you may want to improve your breasts with breast reduction. For this approach, Dr. Jaibaji removes some breast tissue from one or both breasts so that they have a similar size and shape. While it usually is not necessary to remove much tissue to help the breasts correspond, you may decide to downsize more significantly so that your breasts feel more proportional to your frame and to reduce any back, neck, and shoulder pain you experience.

Breast Lift

Sometimes, the main cause of breast asymmetry is related to the elevation of the breasts rather than the size. If you have one breast that hangs lower on your body, this can be corrected with breast lift. By removing loose skin around the breasts, Dr. Jaibaji can lift the breasts to a matching and youthful position on your chest.

Nipple Correction

Another source of potential asymmetry is mismatching nipples. If the size of the dark pigmentation around your nipples (the areolas) differs, this can be adjusted by removing the extra tissue around one nipple. Other similar procedures can help ensure that the nipples are the same length and point in similar directions for better symmetry.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Symmetry?

Dr. Jaibaji has dedicated his career to helping women feel more confident in their bodies. If you have always been displeased with the presentation of your breasts due to asymmetry, explore all your options with La Jolla’s premier breast surgeon. For a consultation at Jaibaji Plastic Surgery, please call (619) 522-0821.