Traditional vs. Endoscopic Brow Lift: Choosing What’s Right for You

Brow Lift In San Diego

Are signs of aging beginning to appear on your forehead? Changes like sagging skin, drooping eyebrows, and lines across your forehead and between your brows are an inevitable part of getting older. Combined, these changes can also make you look tired and angry, even if you feel refreshed and happy on the inside.

To combat these signs of aging, the most effective cosmetic solution is brow lift. When you hear the term “brow lift,” your first thought is probably of traditional brow lift, also known as coronal brow lift. However, this approach is not necessarily the standard anymore since endoscopic brow lift, a less invasive alternative, has become equally as popular. At his practice in Coronado and La Jolla, Dr. Moneer Jaibaji offers both types of brow lift to best address the unique needs of his patients.

How Are Traditional and Endoscopic Brow Lift Different?

With traditional brow lift, Dr. Jaibaji places a single incision that spans between the ears along the hairline. This incision is necessary so that he can remove loose skin and extra fat to achieve a smooth, sleek forehead. This approach tightens the brow contours and elevates the eyebrows, while diminishing brow lines.

Endoscopic brow lift requires a less invasive approach. Instead of one long incision, Dr. Jaibaji makes about five tiny incisions on the hairline. Instead of eliminating loose skin, he uses the incisions to tighten and manipulate the underlying tissue and muscle to create a more youthful appearance. Although it is a subtler approach, it refreshes your look without obvious signs of cosmetic enhancement.

Which Is the Better Procedure for Rejuvenation?

Endoscopic brow lift has become increasingly popular because it offers a lot of new benefits. The endoscope (which is a tiny camera with a light) allows Dr. Jaibaji to address musculature without creating a large scar. Having tiny incisions also makes for a quicker and easier recovery with lower complication risks.

However, sometimes a more invasive approach is the right choice because it provides more thorough changes that are visible for longer. Although the recovery with coronal brow lift is longer, this can be worthwhile if you want a more dramatic transformation.

Meet with a Top Facial Surgeon

Dr. Jaibaji is an accomplished plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures like brow lift. During a consultation, he can analyze your forehead and help determine the type of surgery that will best achieve your cosmetic goals. To reverse signs of aging on your forehead, please call (619) 522-0821 today.