Top 4 reasons women get lip enhancement

Lip enhancement San Diego

Aging around the lips is thought to be thinning of the skin, loss of volume and drooping of both the upper and lower lips. This will result in several visible changes affecting the upper and lower lips. These noticeable changes are:

1- Elongation of the upper lip.

2- vertical lines in the upper and lower lips; also commonly called smokers lines.

3- Downturn or sad appearance to the creases and folds in the oral commissure.

4- Deeper folds (naso-labial folds) on the cheeks.

The top 4 reasons for women to get lip enhancement are:

1- Thin lips disappear when you smile.

2- Thinner lips with time and age.

3- If you are concerned about the way your lips look.

4- To enhance your look and make your lips harmonious with your face.

There are different ways to achieve a fuller and aesthetically pleasing lips:

1- Using temporary fillers.

2- Dermal fat grafts.

3- Lip lift.

4- Dermabrasion, peels and laser have a role in treatment of vertical lines.

5- make up.

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