Are You a Good Candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

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Although gluteal implants used to be the main way to augment the buttocks, Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, has become the most popular butt enhancement procedure in recent decades. BBL is a fat transfer surgery which involves harvesting fat cells from an area with excess fat deposits and reinserting them into the butt cheeks.

Dr. Moneer Jaibaji performs this surgery regularly for his patients in San Diego. In this blog, he explains some of the traits that may make you a good candidate for BBL.

You Desire to Have a Larger Derriere

While the “waifish” look dominated in the 1980s, tastes have evolved significantly since then, with a growing societal appreciation for curves — and specifically a full, round behind. If your buttocks look flat or small in pants or a swimsuit, you may feel less confident and wish you had more volume in your backside. BBL can help you fulfill this wish.

You Have Excess Fat

The main requirement with a fat grafting surgery like BBL is that you have extra fat cells that can be collected from one area of your body so that they can be transferred to your buttocks. Most of Dr. Jaibaji’s patients are excited to remove stubborn fat around their abdomen or thighs. However, if your body fat percentage is so low that you do not have sufficient fat to transfer, then you are not a good candidate for BBL.

You Are in Good Health

Since BBL is an elective, cosmetic procedure, it is only appropriate for patients who are in good health. Dr. Jaibaji reviews each patient’s medical history prior to the procedure to ensure that BBL is safe. In particular, he looks for non-smokers since smoking can prolong the recovery and/or lead to complications. If you are a smoker and want BBL, Dr. Jaibaji encourages you to quit long before scheduling your surgery so that your butt augmentation is a safe experience.

You Understand What Recovery Entails

Admittedly, Brazilian butt lift recovery can be a little more challenging than the recovering from other forms of plastic surgery — not because it’s more painful, but because you must avoid putting pressure on your buttocks for a few weeks. That means not sleeping on your back and not sitting on your butt. Fortunately, you can still relax by adjusting your habits, such as sleeping on your stomach and sitting on a BBL pillow that puts the pressure on your thighs. If you are willing to follow Dr. Jaibaji’s aftercare instructions, the recovery is manageable.

Make an Appointment

If you are still interested in having BBL after reading this blog, the best way to confirm that you are a candidate is to start a conversation with Dr. Jaibaji. He is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who is committed to helping his patients achieve their dream body proportions. For a consultation, please call (619) 522-0821.