Breast Augmentation Questions & Answers

Will a tattoo close to the breast be distorted by a breast augmentation?

Whether or not your tattoo will be distorted by a breast augmentation can only be determined by a consultation with your doctor. During your consult, the doctor will examine your breast, discuss treatment options, and answer all of your questions, including what might happen to your tattoo.

Should I get a breast augmentation or a breast lift?

The choice of surgery will depend on what you want to achieve, and your breasts. Augmentation, lift, and augmentation plus lift are all options. Each procedure has its pros and cons.

During your plastic surgery consultation, your goals will be addressed and options that will help you achieve your desired outcome will be presented by your doctor. Your consultation may be more helpful to you if you bring pictures of what you want to achieve with you. This will help you and your surgeon have a clear discussion and determine your procedure.

Is there much pain after a breast augmentation and lift?

Generally speaking, it takes up to six months for the breasts to settle and for the swelling to subside from a breast augmentation and lift. It is not unusual to feel some discomfort for up to three weeks after your surgery. Some people tolerate pain quite well, while others may not.

If you have any concerns, or if you find your pain levels uncomfortable, you should talk with your plastic surgeon.

After my breast augmentation with lift, my breast look high and uneven. Is this normal?

Generally speaking, it takes up to six months for breast implants to settle.

During that time, if you have concerns about your surgery, you should consult with your plastic surgeon and follow his/ her instructions. Comments on your surgery or your individual healing cannot be addressed without an exam.

Is there a way to prevent scarring following breast augmentation or lift?

There are several ways to reduce and improve scarring after breast surgery. Each surgeon has his or her own way of dealing with scars. Dr. Jaibaji will discuss the best options for you during your surgical consultation.

Is there a cream I can use to remove stretch marks after my breast augmentation?

Unfortunately, there is no cream that will wipeout stretch marks completely. However, the stretch mark coloration will improve over time and become less noticeable. Most patients report their scars are barely visible after 18 months.

I want a breast augmentation but might need a breast lift on one side. Is that possible?

It is not uncommon to have asymetrical breasts, and lifting one breast to match the other during an augmentation is possible. It would entail more scars on the lifted breast than on the other, but the symmetry of the two will improve.

A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you determine what procedure, or combination of procedures, would give you the outcome you desire.

Your doctor can share photos of patients with a similar asymmetry and compare the results of different treatment options with you. Many patients do elect to ignore the difference in their symmetry and just get breast implants.

You want to be very clear with your plastic surgeon about what you want to achieve. Keep in mind that you can always get a breast lift as a second procedure, after your augmentation has healed.

I have pain in one breast four months after my augmentation... Is something wrong?

While pain typically means that something is not right, healing after a breast augmentation may include some degree of discomfort for up to six months post-op.

That noted, It is not possible to determine if your pain is an issue for you without an exam. Please contact your plastic surgeon and arrange to see him or her soon!

Can you feel a textured saline implant?

In general, saline implants can be felt above the infra mammary fold. It is more palpable in patients who have less breast tissue. Textures implants tend to be firmer.
Your doctor can answer all of your questions, and show you implant samples during your surgery consultation.

Do I need a silicone breast augmentation plus a breast lift after breast feeding?

Breast implants will give your breast more volume. After breast feeding, you may have a wider areola, and your breasts may sag from their pre-pregnancy position. You implants may be low and you may require a large implant to fill the area that has lost volume.

A breast lift can address those issues.

During a consultation with your plastic surgeon, your breasts will be examined and your goals will be discussed. This will determine the procedure that will give you your best results. You should be very clear about your hopes and desires with your plastic surgeon so that your best treatment plan can be formed.