Lip Augmentation and enhancement Surgery by Dr. Jaibaji

What Is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation can make your lips bigger, fuller and more shapely. Here in San Diego, Dr. Jaibaji performs lip augmentation on patients who want to improve the look of their lips and mouth. You can choose between surgical or non-surgical methods for lip augmentation. In general Surgical methods of lip enhancement provide a more permanent solution.

When to Choose Lip Augmentation 

Lip augmentation can treat loss of tissue volume in the following areas:

  • Cupid’s bow
  • Inner lip
  • Lipstick lines
  • Outer mouth

Lip enhancement increases the ‘kissable’ area of the lips. Dr. Jaibaji can also reduce wrinkles around your mouth for a total rejuvenation. Every patient is different; you may require only enhanced lip volume, or you may need reshaping and rejuvenation as well.

How to make lips bigger ?

To make your lips bigger and fuller we use temporary fillers such as Restylane or Juvedern or with a more permanent techniques such as fat injection, dermal grafts or silicone lip implants (perma lip implants). Dr. Jaibaji will advise on both techniques during your consultation.

How long will temporary lip enhancement last and what does the procedure involve?

Temporary lip enhancement is usually perform last anywhere from 4-8 months. After that you have the option of doing it again or opting for a more permanent solution. Fillers are performed in the office. Some sort of numbing may be required. Any lipstick has to be removed and the lips are cleaned with alcohol wipes. Injections are performed along white line of the line and in the junction of the dry/wet lip. You can get some swelling after the procedure, the swelling will improve after 2-3 days.

How long the swelling and bruising will last?

The swelling will last for several days. Bruising if it happens can last 10=14 days. You can wear makeup to conceal the bruising. It is, therefore, advisable to have the injectable done 2-3 week prior to any important function or travel.

Can I get Allergic reaction to the filler?

Yes you can but is very rare.

Can the filler cause complication?

One complication that can be serious, but fortunately a rare one, is arterial or venous occlusion. With proper technique and adhering to the manufacturer recommendation of use it will reduce the likelihood of this complication.

Can I go back to work after the procedure?

Absolutely. Most patient will return to work the same day.

Will the filler correct the vertical lines ( smoker lines) around the lip?

It will defiantly improve the vertical line but may not eliminate it. One to improve it is to inject the filler into the vertical lines. Dr. Jaibaji will advise you about the best technique to correct vertical lines.

What are the permanent methods of lip enhancement?

There are three permanent techniques of lip enlargement; fat graft, dermal graft, and silicone lip implants. These are all surgical techniques and can be performed in the office.

Can I go home after lip dermal graft?

Yes, after any permanent technique to can home. The procedure is usually performed in an office based surgery center under local anesthesia. They can also be performed under general anesthesia as part of a face or neck lift procedure.

How can I get rid of the vertical lines around my lip?

Using a filler is one way of doing that. A longer term solution can be in the form doc dermabrasion ( sanding of the skin), laser or chemical peel. Dr. Jaibaji will advise you on the best way to address this common problem.

“I recently had a minor procedure done at Dr. Jaibaji’s office to enhance my lips. I was hesitant at first but after speaking to other patients who had this procedure done and seeing their results, I decided to move forward. Dr. Jaibaji did an excellent job of making me feel comfortable throughout the process. His staff was also exceptional. They treated me as if I was the most important patient they’d encountered all day. I love the outcome and I highly recommend Dr. Jaibaji for any cosmetic procedures you may be considering!” -Anonymous patient Read More Testimonials

What is the technique of filler injection?

Lip augmentation can also be performed using collagen injections, fat transfer, or liquid silicone. Injectable Fillers  If you want a lip enhancement with immediate results and no downtime, non-surgical lip augmentation may be right for you. Fillers plump up the lips and provide the full, sexy lips that you desire. Lip enhancement is an excellent choice for women whose lips have gotten thinner with age, or those who were simply born with thin lips. During your appointment, the doctor injects filler into specific areas of the lips. Extra care is taken to maintain the natural lines and borders of your lips.Maintaining the natural borders of your lips allows you to have natural-looking plump lips. Before performing the injections, the doctor may use a numbing cream or dental block to help reduce your discomfort. Your results will depend on the type of filler used. The results of each filler last a different length of time. The results of hyaluronic acid injections last 8-12 months. Following a non-surgical lip augmentation, some patients report minor bruising and swelling, which subsides in a few days.

Lip Implants  Although less common, lip implants can provide a more permanent lip augmentation. During surgery, Dr. Jaibaji would place a synthetic implant within the lips. These small implants are made of GORE-TEX® or other materials. Surgical lip augmentations can be performed under local or general anesthesia. The doctor makes a small incision inside your mouth where a scar will not show. Through this incision, the doctor is able to place the surgical implant. Once the implant is in place, the incision will be closed.

After Lip Augmentation   After your lip augmentation surgery, you may have some swelling and bruising around the lips while they recover. The bruising and swelling typically subside within two weeks of surgery. Once the swelling subsides, you can appreciate the results of your surgical lip augmentation.

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This patient from San Diego was interested in permanent lip enhancement. She had dermal fat graft. Photos show before and after.