Inverted Nipple Surgery San Diego

What is Correction of an Inverted Nipple

Many men and women have inverted nipples (either one or both) but don’t feel comfortable discussing it with their doctors. Therefore, inverted nipple repair is rarely thought of when patients consider breast enhancement. The procedures that are normally thought of are breast enlargements, breast lifting or breast reduction.

However, for some patients, they not only want the breast size taken care of, but also have concerns regarding their nipple and/or areola– the nipple is the projected part and the areola is the dark pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple. As a result, patients are happy to hear it’s a simple procedure to enhance the nipple/areola.

Whether the nipple is inverted, too big or protruding too far, Dr. Jaibaji can assist you with correction. The nipple is an important part of a woman’s appearance and sexuality. Certanly, Inverted nipples affect the body image of both men and women. Inverted nipples are congenital most of the time – sometimes the nipples become inverted after childbirth and/or breast feeding.

Types of Inverted Nipples

There are three “grades” of inversion – which basically means three levels of severity. While some nipples may only be inverted some of the time (and “come out” or become everted in response to cold or physical touch), others are more severely inverted and never come out. Furthermore, some women can breastfeed normally, while others will never be able to breastfeed.

Grade 1. Nipples are inverted but can become everted manually (through stimulation) or in response to cold temperature. They can remain everted for some time. Milk ducts are usually not compromised and breast feeding is possible. These are “shy nipples”.

Grade 2. Nipples are inverted and are more difficult to evert. The eversion almost never lasts – the nipple returns to the inverted state immediately. Breast feeding could be possible, but this is not a sure thing.

Grade 3. Nipples are severely inverted and never evert. Milk ducts are often constricted and breast feeding is impossible. Women with Grade 3 inverted nipples may also struggle with infections, rashes, or problems with nipple hygiene.


Inverted nipples for men

Men can get inverted nipple on on or both sides. The treatment is usually the same. There are very good. The surgery, is usually performed under local anesthesia.

However, if they have gynecomastia it can be corrected at the same surgery.

Correction of inverted nipples

Patient’s are happy to hear that inverted nipple procedures are minimally invasive and can be performed in conjunction with other procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction surgery (for both men and women). Furthermore, this procedure is performed in our outpatient surgery center under either local or general anesthesia.

An incision is made in the areola. The duct that cause the nipple to retract are divided. Then a spacer graft is placed, usually from the dermis or fat is placed. The wound is then closed with dissovalbe sutures.


Does Surgery for inverted nipple hurt?

Not really. Most patients will complain of little or no pain. Tylonol alone is very effective in controlling any pain.

Recovery after inverted nipple surgery

The patient can go home after surgery. The dressing is changed the next day. The patient is adivsed not to wear a bra for about 4 weeks. Most patient will be able to shower the day after surgey and they can the day after. The pain is usually minimal and tylonol is adequite. The patient is seen again in the office after one week. Resumption of work is usually done after a day ar two depending on the nature of work and wheather the patiet had additional procedures. Nipple sensationmis usually preserved in most patient.

Some patients like to have nipple piercing after correction of inverted nipples and this can be done about 2 months after the procedure.

Correction of inverted nipple may interfere with breast feeding.


Inverted nipple surgery cost

The price of surgery for inverted nipple is generally $3000- $6000. The price variation reflect one or both sides need correction, and the type of anesthesia used. To get a better estimate for your surgery you can contact Jaibaji Plastic Surgery.

In more severe cases of nipple inversion a fat graft is used to prevent recurrence of the nipple inversion. Dr. Jaibaji, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon will discuss with you the best treatment option for inverted nipple.

Patient Case Study

This patient from San Diego had a left beast inverted nipple. Correction of the inverted nipple was performed at the time of breast augmentation. Fat transfer was also performed. The results are shown 3 years after surgery.

Patient Case Study

This patient from San Diego has a bilateral inverted nipples and nipple asymmetry.. The left is worse than the right. Correction of the inverted nipple was performed.

This patient from Temecula had inverted nipples and wanted them corrected. The surgery was performed during breast augmentation. Results are shown 6 moths after the surgery.

This patient from San Diego had axillary breast tissue on both sides. The tissue was removed surgically. Results are shown about 2 years after surgery.

Inverted nipple correction San Diego

This patient was interested in correction of her retracted nipple. Before and after photos are shown.


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