Gummy Bear Breast Implants


What is Gummy Bear Implants?

Gummy bear breast implants represent the fifth generation of silicone breast implant. It adds another choice to the numerous platform of breast implants such saline or silicone, smooth and textured, round and shaped. It also provides a more natural shaped breast augmentation.

Advantages of Gummy bear implants

The main advantage of these implants is they are anatomical or tear drop shaped. This was made possible by creating a type of silicone gel that is highly cohesive and does does not deform. This give the implant its anatomical shape. And because of the textures shell and cohesive silicone gel they can hold their shape and there is less rippling.

Does it give a more natural look?

Yes it does. These implants slop from the upper part of the shape and gives a more rounder look in the lower pole and hence amore natural tear drop look.

Who is a candidate for gummy bear breast implant?

Not every woman is a candidate for this surgery. Tear drop implants will require a larger incision for the standard round round implant. The incision is usually placed under the breast and the implant pocket is under the muscle. During your consultation, Dr. Jaibaji will discuss with you if this implant is a good fit for you.

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